In Memory of Francis Gritzmacher


Casey - Frank's Aunt - is having a wonderful time in Alaska and is sharing it with Frank. Or is she sharing Frank with Alaska? Either way, I think Frank would love it.
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Posted on 24 May 2022 by Al Gritzmacher
I promised that as people travel and bring Frank's ashes along, I'd post their travels here. I know Frank would be delighted to go to many places and become part of them.
The first reported scattering has come - San Francisco Bay. His beloved Aunt Casey took part of him along on her visit there.

I will also add these to the photo gallery.
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Posted on 05 Mar 2022 by Al Gritzmacher
If you missed the keychains at the Memorial Event, or could not attend and would like one as a keepsake of Frank, there are many left to claim. Maybe you were with him when he got it!
Just contact me and I'll find a way to get it to you...

[To see the keychains better, right-click and select "open image in new tab"]
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Posted on 28 Feb 2022 by Al Gritzmacher
A new section has been added to the photo gallery called "The Memorial Event."
A few photos have been added.
Did you take any pictures at the gathering? I'd love to add them to the gallery...

Find it here
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Posted on 28 Feb 2022 by Al Gritzmacher

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