In Memory of Francis Gritzmacher


Could it be time?
Well, we missed out on doing a virtual get-together for the Anniversary of Frank's passing. Some of us were interested, but I just couldn't get behind putting it all together. It was just too sad an occasion and I wasn't up to it. So we all observed it in our own, solitary ways, quietly. That seems fitting too.

I hesitate to say anything and jinx it by bringing it up, but maybe, just maybe, an end to the COVID quarantine is coming. Many people have by now received their vaccinations. I hope you have been able to find yours and will be getting it soon, if not already done. It's not complete protection, but every person that gets it brings us all closer to living in a society with herd immunity. We'll all probably be getting booster shots every year just like the FLU vaccine, so it will become a way of life.

So, let's watch the announcements from the government about when and how public assemblies will be allowed to happen again. It's been loosening up gradually now for a while and it won't be long until we can hold a proper memorial gathering for Frank. Think about how you'd like to see it happen and how you can help make it happen. My high school is talking about holding our 50th Reunion too. I think a lot of celebrations will be happening this summer and that may make facilities be in short supply. We'll need to be flexible and work around that.

But, start thinking about it! Let me know your thoughts...
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Posted on 16 Apr 2021 by Al Gritzmacher

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