In Memory of Francis Gritzmacher


... I'm quite sure Frank would approve!
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Posted on 04 Nov 2020 by Al Gritzmacher
Frank's younger cousin, Jaelyn, posted this today about how she's remembering Frank.

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Posted on 02 Nov 2020 by Al Gritzmacher
It's been a long time since anything was posted here. In case anyone reads these (I doubt it.) I'll post something just to keep it active.

This Coronavirus shutdown is really a drag. I've been literally stuck at home. There is nothing to do. A big day to me is going to the grocery store. In fact, it's the best way I have right now to get even minimal exercise. I'm running out of things to watch on TV. Even Netflix is about tapped out. But enough about me.

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Posted on 27 Aug 2020 by Al Gritzmacher
I was sitting here looking for the paperwork that the surrogate court sent me to finalize Frank's estate. This has dragged on much longer than it should have due to the COVID-19 shutdown of the court. I picked up a packet of papers to fill out just before they went into shutdown. And I've been waiting ever since. When they got to the point where they answered the phone, they told me to mail the completed papers in. I did that and waited a month without any response. I called back and after a few episodes of phone tag, talked to someone. They had not seen the papers, but would look for them and get back to me. I never heard back. As things are starting to open back up a bit, I'm hoping I can get some movement on it. But, if the worst happened and they lost the papers, I was looking back through my records to see if I could resubmit the claim. I scanned everything in and can resubmit it all, except some things will need to be notarized again. No loss, just a giant PITA.

But as I was looking through the files, I came across a file that I had kept from Frank. It was on his laptop and seemed to be something he had been working on near the end. Pretty standard existential musings, but interesting and just SO Frank. I thought I'd share it here.


One thing that has really grasped me recently is the concept of you. Me. Who am I? What am I? Physically, mentally and metaphysically, what makes me, me? And I hope that my thoughts on this is something that enlightened and intrigues you as well. At least, I hope it makes you think a bit differently.
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Posted on 13 Jul 2020 by Al Gritzmacher

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