Is it time????? @ 15 Sep 2021
Is it time to get back on track and plan a memorial for Frank? Have we learned enough to cope with the pandemic and be able to assemble with safety? I've had discussions with two people recently about this topic. I don't know the answer. I have to plead guilty to a large degree of procrastination, inertia, and lethargy. I have been dealing with health issues of my own and really don't have a lot of energy to accomplish much right now. But, I'm also afraid that if I let this slide any longer, it will be forgotten and all momentum will be lost. So, I am asking those of you, Frank's friends, what do you want to do? I need your help if we are to hold some sort of memorial. I'm open to whatever you decide and will participate and support it as much as I am able. We had a sort of informal committee to plan this at one point before COVID derailed it all. Would some of you mind starting things up again, at least to discuss the options and get a timetable going? Please discuss and let's come up with a plan. I will post this on Facebook as well.
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