Frank's Tx-iversary @ 17 Dec 2020
Today marks the anniversary of Frank's Lung Transplant. On this day in 2014, in Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, he got the gift that gave him an extra life. He went from almost certainly dying within months, to living a nearly normal life for a number of years. To be able to travel, do things he never was capable of, visit friends all over the country, and make up for time spent under the cruel weight of CF. It also began the ritual of the periodic trips to NYC with him for clinic visits. I spent time with him on those trips that I would have missed otherwise and it was wonderful. I got to really know my son as an adult, a man, and we had great adventures along the way. It was mostly really special.

All this would not have been possible without organ transplants being a thing. I'd like to take this opportunity to ask everyone reading this to support organ donation and be an organ donor if you aren't already. You can sign up to give the gift of life online at or by visiting your MyDMV account in NY when you renew your drivers license.

We don't know who to thank for Frank's new lungs, but someone gave some thought before they met their own end and gave us a gift that was beyond any expectation. We can do the same thing for someone, possibly many someones, and pass the favor on. It would be a great way to remember Frank.
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