One Month @ 28 Mar 2020
Who could have known a month ago that we would not be holding Frank's memorial celebration tonight? That something called COVID-19 would be putting all our lives on hold. But here we are all self-isolating wherever we are.

Just think if Frank were still here, how lonely he would be. Cut off from all visitors. Living in fear of this virus, which if he contracted it, would surely end him. Maybe he was the smart one and got out in the nick of time.

But he would have wanted all of us to be safe and get through it. You all were his family, related by blood or not, and he loved you all. So keep safe and we will get through this virus and have a memorial in his honor when it's safe to get together again.

I hope that you all feel as I do, that when the time comes, and we can finally honor him, it will be a great celebration, full of pent-up feelings and relief we can finally do it. It would be a shame if the delay diminished the celebratory excitement. Keep it in your mind and help plan the Frankquet part Deux whenever it does come along. We'll make it a party to remember!

Be safe. Take care of each other. We ARE a family. Those of you who work in essential services, be especially careful. I hope we can all get through this and keep Frank's celebration as something to look forward to and give us hope..
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