Covid-19 Corona virus @ 15 Mar 2020

I'm really sorry we had to postpone the memorial event because of this. It just seems like so many things are being turned upside down because of this stupid bug.

We (the committee working on it) did discuss it quite a bit before reaching the decision. It's not something we took lightly or decided without weighing the consequences. The last thing we wanted to do was upset everyone's travel plans. But in the end, we felt it was the right thing to do.

We won't set a new date until we have an idea how this pandemic thing is going to play out. Right now, it's hard to guess how long it will take, or how bad it will get. But we will carry on when it subsides. Until then, be safe and stay healthy.

The good thing is, the weather will be getting warmer, although it's been a mild winter, and it might make a much nicer time to all get together. Who knows, we might turn it into a picnic!

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