New article. New menu category. @ 10 Nov 2022
I've uploaded a newspaper article from 1994 that I have been hanging onto for all that time. I hope sharing this old, but moving article, is okay as fair use since it falls under the topic of this web site. You will find it in the menu to the left as "Shelby."

It's the story of Shelby, a young woman in North Carolina, who, like my sons, had CF. The parallels and similarities are striking. I kept the article because it was of some comfort to me in knowing we weren't alone and others were facing the challenges Albert and Frank faced.

Unlike Albert and Frank, Shelby did not survive to receive her transplant. She was about five years older than Albert, and even in that small amount of time, CF treatment had progressed a lot. Even so, Frank was in very dire straits just before his transplant some years later. But they benefited from the progress made and received their life-extending transplants.

Time marches on and more progress has been made. I know CF people who thanks to new drug treatments are living full lives without the need for a lung transplant at all. it goes to show that continued support of research can still bring more tools to the kit for treating CF.

Anyway, this article was close to home for me and I have read it probably a thousand times, cried over it, and oddly enough was reassured by it. It has meant a lot to me and I hope you will get something from reading it as well.

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